Aug 4, 2012

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Moment to remember


Pejam celik2.. almost 15 days kita berpuasa..Semoga segala amal diterima oleh Nya.. <Insya-Allah>

Hiks2, finished check all my document in my laptop.. then suddenly i got those cute picture..
Jom roger..

very important person in my life, Abah n Mummy..  
So cute right, Ya Allah panjangkan la umur kedua mereka dan perkukuhkan lah ikatan antara mereka.. Amin~~

with my mr Tunang... 

My 1st salary, belanja all my family @ De selat.. haha sangat banyak juadah yang I order..
cuba bayangkan, semua makanan kat atas meja tue .. n I order tuk 30 orang makan.. so 3 meja besau.. hahahah semoga dimurahkan rezeki.. Amin..~~~
with my bestie..
My Big Day
too many pictures.... this is the best shot hahahah...

Jul 29, 2012

My Dream Car

Salam and good day!!!!

Weekend come again with the barakah in Ramadhan Month.. Teach us to be more patient.. Selamat berpuasa everyone.

But its not my main topic..
Now I'm calculating to grab one car.. my own car..( Alhamdulillah)

1  - Suzuki Swift
2  - Toyota Yaris
3  - Ford Fiesta

Hihi..but all above I can't afford because of to expensive..and i change my mind to have "TOYOTA VIOS e (AT) with price RM 82,000 it can bring your whole family and more comfort..! But to many review i read "kutuk" this car, i'm not sure why... but i already decided to grab this...

Jun 17, 2012

My first extra expensive watch..

Hi, Good day!


How are you? Hope everything go with the correct direction..
Wanna to share something that not very important.. Yesterday I bought my "First Expensive Watch"..
Brand : Polo Club "Britannia"
Price : RM 178.00
Colour : Pearl White
Warranty : 1Year..
So, I can "bergaya sakan" with my new watch.. hahahahah <Riak sungguh gadis ini>

This is my first time to have expensive watch, almost of my watch approximately price RM20 ~ RM9.90..
And I used all my watch almost 1.5 years. Actually it depends on how you care of all your stuff and how you wear it. :) Nak dipendekkan cerita.. actually harga kat atas tue before offer..Actual Price RM178 but after less become Price : RM53.20... :)

And my boss give me Jusco Coupon RM 50, and I just pay with my own money Rm 3.20 hahahahha it very worth.. So plan your budget..
Time is gold.. but watch not compulsory need to be like a gold.. as long as you use the watch and make the time as gold.. its totally enough..

Bergaya tak salah cuma bergaya ikut budget bukan ikut kehendak atau orang sekeliling :)

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal..

Jun 2, 2012

P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

Salam and Good day !

Hi, all. Ogenki desu ka? How are you? Feelin' better or stress in the office cuz all burden come to u..and your turn in standby route in public holiday... keep your ears and eye to watch out the standby phone..
Relax & Chill k <Chillax> Take a deep and deep breath.. Remind your mind, everybody have their own problems or stress. Only depending on how you handle it k!

By the way, before I become a great counselor <Amin>
Let talk about my topic "P.S I Love You".. Do you ever heard about this sentence 'P.S I Love you'? Either novel or movie.. YES? NO? I'm pretty sure, you always heard a magic word "I Love You"  from your love, am I right?  hehehe actually P.S I Love You is a one great storyline.. if you not believe it please...and please try to read or watch.. Its about "Lovely couple being together happily "Holly & Gerry" and Gerry's death   big shock and depressed Holly.very dramatic, sadness & happiness combined together... very great love story.. :)
So try to read the novel and don't be surprised if repeat read and repeatably.. FYI I have both Novel and Movie.. Crying all time, from the middle of storyline but have the strength in the last 3 Chapters... If not mistaken, also have the Malay version, but could not remember the storyline of that... maybe the contents are different but what the writer want to share is same.. 
My salute goes to the  writer Cecelia Ahern, she now how to make reader not even second to mist the chapter. Good Job! <Big Clap>

But don't forget, the greatest love is the Love to ALLAH! 
Need to go.. tata